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Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spinelli Has An ‘A-Ha’ Moment, Peter Frets Over His Secret From Maxie

Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spinelli Has An ‘A-Ha’ Moment, Peter Frets Over His Secret From Maxie
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One big secret that had been swirling around Port Charles has been revealed this week, and General Hospital spoilers tease that people will be scrambling to keep other bombshells under wraps. Peter is desperate to keep Maxie from learning about a secret he’s been hiding from her, but Spinelli is digging into the case. Now, it appears that Wednesday’s show should have major developments on this front.

As viewers saw during Tuesday’s show, Sasha confirmed that Lulu was right about the fact that she’s not Nina’s daughter. This rattled everybody at the wedding, including Maxie. After Nina ran out, Maxie confronted Obrecht about her role in this.

Maxie noted how upset she’d be if Obrecht was a part of this scandal, particularly since she is James’ grandmother and Nathan’s aunt. Liesl seems to have covered her tracks for the moment, but Maxie was still flustered. She clung to Peter and said that she needed him to promise there would never be secrets between them.

Sadly, Peter is hiding big secrets from Maxie, and this incident may propel him to be even more desperate to cover his tracks. However, as noted, Spinelli is now working with Sam and Jason to figure out the truth about Peter. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it may not take Spinelli long to uncover key details about Peter’s secrets.

The sneak peek video for Wednesday’s episode shows Spinelli listening to something via a pair of headphones. explains that Spinelli will uncover something significant this week, and he will be determined to clear Sam of any wrongdoing in Shiloh’s death.

Spinelli has admitted that he has always been suspicious of Peter. While he doesn’t want to see Maxie hurt, he has made it clear he’s anxious to find something concrete so as to confirm his fears about Peter.

Whatever Spinelli hears during Wednesday’s episode will probably be significant in moving his investigation forward, but General Hospital spoilers hint that this is just the first step in exposing Peter. As Spinelli digs, details that something will make Peter cringe.

The preview for the October 9 show also shares that Maxie will do some venting about the Sasha situation to Peter. She’ll question how hard it can be to just tell the truth, and chances seem good that this will be what makes Peter cringe. He’s desperate to hang onto Maxie, but it’s clearly just a matter of time now before he’s exposed.

Viewers are surely betting that Spinelli will come out on top in this battle involving Peter, but it may take a while. Additional General Hospital spoilers hinting at where this will head next will emerge as the week progresses, and fans are anxious for more scoop.

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