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Wedding Can Truly Be A Fairy Tale Affair If You Avoid These Mistakes

Wedding is a union of two lives as well as their families and is a beautiful emotion. But the big day can be truly special if you avoid these unwanted things.

Wedding Can Truly Be A Fairy Tale Affair If You Avoid These Mistakes

It is not a hidden fact that a week before their wedding, the to-be bride has tons of things to tick off from her to-do list. But along with the to-do list, a bride should also keep a 'not-to-do' list handy as that can prove beneficial for her on the big day. These are the things you should specifically not indulge in before you take the final plunge. There are many things that a bride should keep at bay when her wedding day is just one week away.

Here are the things you should avoid before your wedding

Keep the alcohol at bay

According to research, alcohol has tons of calories, so it is recommended that you avoid it a week before the wedding day. It has some sulphur bearing gases which can make you feel puffy and tired as well as can also damage the digestive system. It can also lead to the dilating of the blood vessels which can give redness to the skin. This can certainly ruin your wedding pictures on your special day.

No Experimentation, please

Indulging in skincare can certainly be fruitful for your skin but its highly avoidable one week before your wedding. A chemical peel or a micro skincare treatment can make your skin peel off several times. It can also give irritation or disturbance to the skin. Hence, it is preferable to keep these experimentations when it comes to your skin at bay, just one week before your wedding day.

No new hair colour is needed

Getting a tad bit too experimental and going for a new hair colour altogether before your wedding day may not be a good idea. There is no profound knowledge beforehand on how the hair colour will oxidise and whether it will go with your skin tone. One can glam up the hair colour by applying a gloss. It will give a shine and the desired effect but opting for a change in the hair colour altogether may prove to be a bad idea as it may turn out to be something unexpected.

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