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We rank the top 5 most hilarious videos by East India Comedy

The group currently consists of comedians Azeem Banatwalla, Kunal Rao, Sapan Verma, and Sahil Shah. This company currently boasts of the country’s best humor writers, scriptwriters, comedians, tweeters and occasional email deleters.

Today we rank the top 5 EIC videos.

5. Mai Bhi Chowkidaar- Azeem Banatwalla

If you are easily offended by small little things, this video is not something you should watch, for the others it’s a must-watch. Azeem talks about our PM and his chowkidaar speech. It is very entertaining and amazing.

4. Every Indian Mother- Sahil Shah

For sure you’ve heard many stand-up comics making jokes on mother’s, but Sahil shah is just exceptional. His mother school part is very hard to miss. This video will be enjoyed by surely all Indians as it can be easily related to.

3. Airports and Sahil Shah- Sahil Shah

We just can get enough of Sahil Shah. His jokes never seem to get old. This cute guy has won a lot of hearts. In this video, he talks about the airport and its security system. Watch him once and surely you’ll love him too.

2. Girls vs Boys- Saurabh Pant

This is not the usual girls and boys comparison, this comparison will leave you in splits. In this video Saurabh talks about how girls are much better than boys, all the while giving examples of his son. This video is one thing you need to watch for sure.

1. EIC Outrage- section377- Sapan Verma

Sapan’s video is amazing and informative as well. It is pretty hilarious to look at various misconceptions related to the LGBTQ community. Sapan bursts all the myths while making hilarious comments as well. This is a must- watch the video which Will not only entertain you but also make you learn something.

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