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Warning over Brisbane man’s fake Netflix ‘documentary’

Thousands of young Aussies responded to an invitation to take part in a Netflix documentary — but it wasn’t what it seemed.

Netflix has warned a viral Facebook event inviting young Brisbane residents to “show us their crazy party side” for a documentary is fake.

The post yesterday by a page calling itself “Netflix Australia — Brisbane” attracted more than 6000 comments and was shared nearly 500 times.

“Hey Fortitude Valley Brisbane!” it said.

“We’re on the hunt for people who might like to show us their crazy party side (or main documentary) on camera (anonymously or not) and also have anonymous (no faces, names, voices etc.) chats with us to compile for a Netflix Original Series documentary next year. If this sounds like you or your crew, tag them or message us.”

The post continued, “We want to explore binge drinking, ‘kick ons’, and all the things that come with ‘having a night out’. Please get in touch, we need you! Have a coffee with us and tell us your story! If you can make it, this is the first step: check out the event this Friday (and feel free to bring some friends).”

Netflix declined to provide a statement but said it was aware of the event and confirmed it was “not genuine”.

The “Netflix Australia — Brisbane” page has since renamed itself “Netflix Originals”, while the listing for the event at The Wickham pub has been removed.

Warning over Brisbane man’s fake Netflix ‘documentary’

Netflix has confirmed the event is fake. Picture: RedditSource:Facebook

Queensland Police have been contacted for comment.

The person behind the page appears to be Toowoomba man Kyle Daniel Wilkie, 26. Earlier this year he posted a similar “casting call” in the Brisbane City Facebook group urging people to “tag your mates”.

“If you are over between (sic) 18 and 29 and regularly out in the Valley area over weekends but also during weeks … can be by yourself or in a group of up to five . have no issues having a TV crew around you … understand this is a DEMO PITCH and so nobody is paid until Channel 7 has it in its hands … then you have nothing to wait for,” the post said.

One user on Reddit wrote, “F*** this guy. Fairly sure I saw him around 1:30 yesterday afternoon at Roma St station wearing a fake Netflix Crew shirt.”

Facebook users shared screenshots of Wilkie’s Tinder profile where he is pictured wearing a T-shirt that says “Netflix Producer Crew” and describes himself as a “Freelance Pitch Producer at Netflix”.

“I’m Kyle, I’m 26,” the bio says.

“I got a gig to pitch a TV documentary with Netflix and we’re working on one in Brisbane if anyone’s keen message me! (Just remember it’s a pitch so nobody gets paid.) Basically I’m just looking for new people to get to know while I’m here. That being said I’m still young (well sort of) and I like to have a drink and socialise.”

The creator has been spotted in the city wearing a Netflix T-shirt. Picture: Katie King/FacebookSource:Facebook

Kyle Daniel Wilkie posted a similar ‘casting call’ on Facebook in May. Picture: Katie King/FacebookSource:Facebook

Last week he claimed to be an American ‘lost in Brisbane’. Picture: Katie King/FacebookSource:Facebook

Wilkie, 26, is actually from Toowoomba. Picture: FacebookSource:Facebook

He claims to work with Netflix in his Tinder profile. Picture: Katie King/FacebookSource:Facebook

Facebook users have shared screenshots of Wilkie’s Tinder profile where he claims to be associated with Netflix. Picture: Katie King/FacebookSource:Facebook

Last month, Wilkie pleaded guilty to 23 offences in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court after admitting to forging prescriptions, The Chronicle reported.

He was sentenced to nine months imprisonment but immediately released on parole.

In 2015, the same newspaper reported on Wilkie’s “crazy” New Year’s resolution to run a free taxi service for Saturday night clubbers called ClubHopper.

“It helps keep me out of trouble and also provides a public service,” he told the paper at the time. “It’s also a great chance to meet people. Whenever something is free, people jump to conclusions. I’ve tried to make it as public as I can so people don’t think it’s this shady underground thing.”

According to members of The Friend Zone Facebook group, Wilkie posted a live-stream there last week pretending to be an American who had just moved from California.

Wilkie claimed he was stuck in Fortitude Valley with no clue how to get home.

One of the group’s female members took an Uber out to the city to pick him up, but when he got back to her house his story began to unravel and those watching the live-stream became suspicious.

“He sat in her home for like an hour doing nothing until she called him an Uber home. It’s completely bizarre because he didn’t get anything out of it besides a free ride,” group member Katie King, 22, said in a Facebook message.

“But we also don’t know what would have happened if she wasn’t live-streaming the whole thing.”

Ms King said she wanted to “get the word out because that post is lighting up with hundreds of comments from people”.

Wilkie has been contacted for comment.


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