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WWE RAW: Watch Rusev Get Arrested After Brutally Attacking Bobby Lashley On Air

The rivalry between Rusev and Bobby Lashley reached new heights after Rusev brutally assaults Lashley before getting arrested by police officers on WWE RAW.

WWE RAW: Watch Rusev Get Arrested After Brutally Attacking Bobby Lashley On Air

Rusev resumed his rivalry with Bobby Lashley and wife Lana on the WWE RAW's episode post Survivor Series 2019. The rivalry between the duo involving infidelity and controversy reached new heights when Rusev was arrested on RAW after he attacked Bobby Lashley during his match with Titus O'Neil.

Watch: Rusev being arrested after his attack on Bobby Lashley on WWE RAW

WWE RAW: Preshow shenanigans

After weeks of trading jibes at each other and some cheap attacks, Rusev was served with a restraining order by Bobby Lashley and Lana prior to the beginning of the show. This resulted in Rusev being escorted out of the Allstate Arena by the WWE Security officials. But things were obviously going to escalate as the show progressed.

WWE RAW: Bobby Lashley (with Lana) vs Titus O'Neil; Rusev arrested

As the match progressed, an enraged Rusev entered the ring from the stands and launched an assault on Bobby Lashley. With Lana pleading, Rusev continued his attack before the law officials showed up and arrested Rusev. Just as we thought the segment was over, a handcuffed-Rusev freed himself from the officers and pushed Lashley off the ramp before sending the sound stand crashing on him.

Rusev left the stage with an evil smile on his face as the camera turned to a sobbing Lana and a struggling Lashley.

WWE RAW: Rusev arrested and escorted out of the arena

WWE RAW Fallout: Lashley being loaded onto a stretcher

WWE RAW: Lana brands her ex-husband Rusev as a threat to society

WWE RAW: What's next for the rivalry?

This was probably the most brutal encounter in the rivalry so far with Lashley unfortunately on the receiving end of the beatdown. Next week's WWE RAW will be interesting as we anticipate how the story will develop. Whatever the outcome, the two men are sure to face each other sooner rather than later and with WWE Starrcade this Sunday followed by WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC), we might be in for some hardcore matches between the two.

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