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WWE RAW Results: Rey Mysterio Wins US Championship, AOP Viciously Attacks Kevin Owens

WWE RAW concluded with a dramatic finish to the main event between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, Checkout the WWE RAW results and major moments from the show

WWE RAW Results: Rey Mysterio Wins US Championship, AOP Viciously Attacks Kevin Owens

After a poor showing by RAW in the WWE Survivor Series 2019, a major fallout was expected in this week's episode of WWE RAW. We look at the WWE RAW highlights and the major segments from the show as Rusev gets arrested for attacking Bobby Lashley despite Lashley getting a restraining order against Rusev.

WWE RAW Results: Seth Rollin's subtle heel turn?

Seth Rollins opened the show with the RAW locker room surrounding the ring. Rollins admitted that 'NXT mopped the floor' with RAW and surprisingly started berating the superstars including Charlotte Flair, Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. Owens ended the segment with a stunner to Rollins to set-up a match between the two in the main event.

WWE RAW Results: Matt Hardy is back on RAW to take on Buddy Murphy

A back and forth match started between the two. As soon as Matt Hardy was going for the Twist of Fate, Murphy dodges him with a knee to his head before picking up the win.

Murphy grabbed the microphone and decided to 'pick a fight with Aleister Black'. Aleister Black comes on to the ring. They brawl for a moment before Black hits a kick that knocks Murphy out.

WWE RAW Results: AJ Styles' US Championship on the line?

Humberto Carillo comes out to face AJ Styles, but the match couldn't start as the OC attack him before the bell. Others follow into the ring to set up a fatal-four match between Randy Orton, Ricochet, Drew McIntyre and Rey Mysterio to determine the No 1 contender for the US Championship match tonight.

WWE RAW Results: Fatal-four match

A helter-skelter match started where Randy Orton teamed up with Drew McIntyre to annihilate Ricochet before the OC interfered to take out Randy Orton. A great show put up by the four men, and Mysterio got the pin with an inside cradle to earn the right to face AJ Styles next.

WWE RAW Results: AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio for the US Championship

AJ Styles got the upper hand as soon as the match began. But Rey Mysterio soon got an opportunity to hit a 619 only for the OC to interfere again. The referee barred them from ringside but the OC returned late in the match which prompted Randy Orton to show up and help Mysterio. Rey Mysterio hit a 619 followed by an RKO by Randy Orton on AJ Styles. Rey Mysterio covered AJ Styles and got the win to become the new WWE United States Champion.

WWE RAW Results: Charlotte vs Asuka

Charlotte unloaded on Asuka as soon as the bell rang before sending her on to the barricades. Just as it appeared the Charlotte was going for her finisher, Kairi Sane ran a distraction allowing Asuka to hit the Green Mist for the win.

WWE RAW Results: Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

Owens went for a stunner right at the start but missed. They traded big blows on each other before AOP came out to the ring and attacked Kevin Owens and left the ring without attacking Seth Rollins. Rollins hit two stomps on Owens to end the show on a cliffhanger.

Rey Mysterio WWE News: An emotional Rey with his son Dominic

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