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WWE News: Goldberg opens up on "difficult decision" to accept Undertaker match at Saudi Arabia

Goldberg still remains optimistic about his match against The Undertaker, though he doesn't consider it a "dream match" anymore!

WWE News: Goldberg opens up on
Goldberg vs Undertaker is finally set to happen

What's the story?

On May 13th, WWE officially announced that Goldberg vs The Undertaker would be taking place on June 7th at Saudi Arabia in a first-time ever dream match.

While The Undertaker was obviously not going to respond online, Goldberg was the first to do so, revealing that there were factors making it an "extremely difficult decision" to accept the match.

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In case you didn't know...

Goldberg was one of the first major names officially announced for the Saudi Arabia show. Naturally, WWE was always going to announce it beforehand in order to garner interest. There was a lot of speculation with regards to who Goldberg was facing, with the two main options expected to be Roman Reigns and The Undertaker.

Goldberg himself stated that the only matches that really interested him were The Undertaker, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. With Roman Reigns likely feuding against someone else, WWE probably felt that it was best to put the two part-timers against one another.

The heart of the matter

Goldberg wrote a straightforward Instagram post about his match against The Undertaker. He admitted himself that it would have been a dream match 10 years ago and that he himself would have liked for it to have happened earlier.

Either way, he remained optimistic about the match. Here's what he said:

There has been some crticism about the match for that exact reason. Fans in general are of the view that it's way past both legends' prime and that it should have happened earlier. Either way, one thing to be positive about is that it's just a spectacle match for Saudi Arabia and it most likely won't span for more than a few minutes anyway.

What's next?

It's not known if both legends will just appear without a build, but a safe bet would be to assume that Goldberg returns to WWE programming later this month.

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