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WWE News: Former WWE champion offers to replace Dean Ambrose in The Shield

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins might have a surprising new ally.

WWE News: Former WWE champion offers to replace Dean Ambrose in The Shield
Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are the only Shield members now in WWE

What's the story?

Ever since Dean Ambrose departed WWE in April, there have been discussions amongst fans about who could replace “The Lunatic Fringe” as an honorary member of The Shield.

So far, Braun Strowman has filled that role at live events, and now Bray Wyatt has surprisingly offered to join the famous faction.

In case you didn't know…

After an eight-month break from WWE television, Bray Wyatt returned to Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 35 with a drastic character change.

Instead of the eerie “Eater of Worlds” gimmick, Wyatt portrayed a joyful kids’ television presenter who hosted a new segment, “Firefly Fun House”, and claimed that he is no longer the bad man that he used to be.

This week’s edition of the much-anticipated segment took an unexpected turn when the former WWE champion said that he still possesses a lot of darkness, only now he has managed to harness and control it. He then reappeared in different clothes and a creepy mask, which was created by Hollywood legend Tom Savini.

The heart of the matter

Another key aspect in Bray Wyatt’s ongoing character change has been the weekly footage of the former Wyatt Family leader wearing gloves which contain the words “HURT” and “HEAL”.

Now, seemingly in a bid to heal the hurt that he has caused throughout his WWE career, Wyatt has sent a tweet to two of his long-term rivals, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, and volunteered to team up with them if they ever need a new Shield member.

Interestingly, he also tagged Dean Ambrose, aka Jon Moxley, in a subsequent tweet:

What's next?

Bray Wyatt has been the talk of the WWE Universe ever since he debuted the “Firefly Fun House” segments last month, and this week’s storyline development was viewed by many fans as the best part of the show.

Moving forward, only time will tell what Wyatt will get up to next. Nobody would have predicted what we have seen over the last four weeks, so we would be foolish to even hazard a guess at where this storyline will go from here!

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