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WWE Focused On Making Three Raw Names Top Next-Gen Superstars

WWE Focused On Making Three Raw Names Top Next-Gen Superstars
While competing with the rival brands, WWE needs more fresh blood which may have not been the case for the company. Vince McMahon has controlled things on Raw and SmackDown to focus more on the already established superstars.

These left a big void in the mid-card scene which stopped the supply-line of creating next-generation superstars. Now that Paul Heyman is in charge of WWE Raw, we expect the norm to change as quickly as possible.

Slice Wrestling has published a report in this regard indicating that Heyman is high on three particular names. The WWE Raw executive director handpicked these names whom he intended to make top stars in the future. With the Draft bygone, he will get more opportunities to showcase these young talents who are Aleister Black, Andrade, and Buddy Murphy.

The source indicated that Heyman as the WWE Raw creative head is willing to accomplish two main goals,

  1. Improve the pacing of the show with a balanced match/segment ratio.
  2. Make newer superstars.

Improved writing can cover up the first point whereas proper plans are required to achieve the next milestone. So for now, the advocate for Brock Lesnar will continue grooming these new WWE Raw imports as to use them in the bigger picture, shortly. Here’s more from the plan,

“The main quality all three men possess is great in-ring work and charismatic characters. This is something Heyman is looking to highlight moving forward and build upon. The current plan is for all three superstars to be protected in their programs and slowly be molded for WWE Championship runs.”

Another name noted by Slice Wrestling is Humberto Carrillo who found himself on WWE Raw from the Cruiserweight division during Draft. Apparently, the WWE officials ‘are already blown away by the 24-year-old Mexican Luchador’ and his high-flying abilities. Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman are personally vested in him who could shine brighter.

So they did not back down from giving him an opportunity that he deserves. Thus Humberto ended up competing against Universal Champion Seth Rollins in his debut match on WWE Raw.

McMahon wanted to see how he fairs against top talent and he did not disappoint. So, the officials are likely to ‘protect him while building the rising star’ in him.

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