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WHO warns - this country may be the next center of Corona, 10 thousand exposed in a day .

Due to the corona virus infection, the World Health Organization has warned that the next point of coronavirus may be the United States. The World Health Organization's statement comes after India's announcement of the lockdown.

WHO warns - this country may be the next center of Corona, 10 thousand exposed in a day .
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According to reports, after the rapid rise in cases of corona virus infection in the US, the WHO reported on Tuesday that the number of COVID-19 pandemic cases in this country could be higher than in Europe. Due to which this country may also be in danger.

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He has stated in his report that WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said during a conversation with reporters that 85 per cent of new cases that came to her in one night have come in countries like Europe and America.

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According to the WHO's latest daily status report, it has been found that 20,131 new cases have been reported in Europe in the last 24 hours, while 16,354 cases have been registered in the US, many of them have lost their lives.

Earlier, Harris was asked if the number of cases of infection in the US is likely to be higher than in Europe, then he said that now we are seeing a lot of increase in the number of cases coming in America, then this thing is complete Feared

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Yudhisthir Prusti

The whole world should be put to lock down than only some positive result will emerge.

5 Days ago


#Whole World Lockdown

5 Days ago


Events of Corona gives birth an idea that Corona is not a natural mutation, rather a brainchild by a group of masterminds who wanted to tame & weaken the world, especially the developed Western countries!

1 Days ago

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