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Very interesting facts about the world which you don't know

Crossing one's finger is a way of making the Sign of the Cross. It began as a way to ask God for protection without attracting the attention of pagans.

Very interesting facts about the world which you don't know
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Though there are many words in the English language that mean "talk," there is no specific word that captures the activity of receiving language. Listen encompasses more audible phenomenon than spoken language, as do words like comprehend and understand.[4]

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Since the advent of text messaging, people talk less on the phone. A 2015 study found that the average American sends or receives five times as many texts compared to phone calls.

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Many people pace while talking on the phone. Psychologists believe this may be a sort of coping mechanism to make up for lack of body language and non-verbal cues that normally accompany conversation.

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Selective mutism is an anxiety disorder that mostly affects children. The disorder makes it difficult or even impossible for children to speak in specific settings, such as at school or around new people.

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is there any evidence about the fact of Gheghis khan

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Hinduism is so old that every human being is hindus

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