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Very bad news for bikers and scooters, this new rule applies in the whole country

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Very bad news for bikers and scooters, this new rule applies in the whole country
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Modi government has made very strict rules regarding traffic rules, due to which people have to pay a fine of thousands of rupees once the challan is cut. All this is being done so that everyone follows the traffic rules, and there is a reduction in road accidents in the country.

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If you have a scooty or bike at home, then this news can be of great use for you. Because for the people who drive two wheelers, this important information has come with insurance. At present, soon the Modi government is going to tighten the traffic rules in the country. Under this power, whenever you break traffic rules, then your points will be added to an account. And these points will decide how expensive the insurance premium for your two-wheeler and four wheeler vehicle will be.

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Useless Government , They are not finding solutions, for every issues they are looting money from public.

4 Months ago


this govt is not doing good to the people as they are sucking blood slowly all big robber has settled out of India after looting the public money. to recover the money this rules are applied on public.

4 Months ago


just for one day all two wheeler owners keep the bikes home and use public transport. see the chaos that will happen.

4 Months ago

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