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Valentines Day 2020- 5 Most Romantic Destinations Across The World

Valentines Day 2020- 5 Most Romantic Destinations Across The World

Exploring the world is a fantastic thing! And traveling with the person you love is the best way to take a break from your everyday life, and rediscover your passion.A while ago, I put together a list of the most romantic destinations I want to visit with Dan. We have already managed to explore some of these places, and hopefully soon, we will be heading to another one of these fantastic getaways!

These incredible destinations are perfect for Valentine’s break, for the honeymoon of your dreams, or simply to spend some time with the love of your life.No matter what the reason is, a romantic trip in one of these 5 places will fill your days with love!Get ready to explore the most romantic destinations (in no particular order!) and spend some wonderful time as a couple!
* Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a fairy-tale medieval town, and with its lovely squares, picturesque canals and cobbled streets, it really is one of the most romantic cities in old Europe! With its dreamy canals crossing the city center, Bruges has been called “Venice of the North”.Getting lost in the city for a couple of days is one of the best things you will do for a while!

* Ubud, Bali

Ubud is the perfect romantic place for every couple that enjoys art, nature, healthy food and creativity.Rent a scooter and ride around exploring rice fields, while discovering the beauty around you. Visit one of the many temples and get lost in the traditional Balinese culture. Enjoy peace and quiet in a beautiful villa or in one of the incredible hotels in the lush jungle that surrounds you.

* The Isle Of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye offers some dramatic mountain views and coastal scenery. This fantasy-like landscape will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy some quality time together.You can spend the day hiking the majestic Quiraing or tour the imposing Dunvegan Castle. As the sun drops, the evening sky will reveal some of the most spectacular sunset imaginable. A romantic stroll along the shore or just sitting together, watching the sun drop behind the hills is the most relaxing and romantic way to spend the end of the day.

* Padar Island, Indonesia

If you are an adventurous couple that loves nature, Padar is the perfect destination!This island dreamscape has incredible white, pink, and black sand beaches. And the breathtaking view you will see after the 30-minute hike to the top will leave you without words!Padar is still quite remote, which makes it the perfect location if you are looking for a paradise island just for yourself. Labuan Bajo is the closest city, and there are tours departing daily for one, two, or three-day visits. The best time to explore the island is from April to June, and from September to November.

* Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a unique paradise hidden between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea on the Northern coast of Italy. Its rocky and panoramic footpaths will leave you without words!It’s a fantastic romantic place, and it will remain in your memories, like a dream. Everything about this place screams romance: the food, the wine, the colorful houses, the sea, and the green mountains!

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