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Uttarakhand cops train stray dogs to join squad

Uttarakhand cops train stray dogs to join squad

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 20

These dogs are not just street-smart, they can also give you a run for your money.

A video of dogs picked up from the streets has wowed social media. The video, which runs for about minute and a half and pertains to a function organised by Uttarakhand Police, shows street dogs jumping over obstacles just as well as pure breed sniffer dogs.

These street dogs are being trained to join the police force. Uttarakhand Police shared the video on their Twitter handle, with a caption in Hindi: "#UttarakhandPolice ki shaan hai yeh sniffer dog dal. Desh mein pehli baar Uttarakhand Police ne gali ke street dog ko train kar iss shwan dal mein shaamil karne ka prayog kiya hai. Dekhiye iss dal ke kuch jaanbaaz kartab.” (This sniffer dog team is the pride of #UttarakhandPolice. For the first time in the country, Uttarakhand Police has trained street dogs to join this dog squad. See some amazing tricks performed by this team.)

However, Newton Sidhu, Director, Punjab State Home Guards Training and Breeding Institute, is not enthusiastic about use of stray or desi dogs by police against crime.

“Ä stray dog may have a good stamina and immunity that dogs of pure breed but they cannot be used for purposes of detection of crime. They are not sniffer dogs and they won’t be able to find out narcotics or explosives. They can at best be used for guard duties. They can do ceremonial duties as well,” he said.

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