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Undertaker returns and attacks Sami Zayn

Today was the 2nd installment of WWE's MSG show. Undertaker was scheduled to appear on Smackdown Live from Madison Square Garden.

Undertaker returns and attacks Sami Zayn
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Taker choke slamming Zayn on the floor during the segment

Tonight's Smackdown Live emanated from world's most famous arena i.e Madison Square Garden. Undertaker was advertised as a part of the MSG special show along with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Show began straight with Undertaker as the infamous Gong hit. Taker slowly like a tortoise made up to the ring within 3 minutes. As opposed to his regular deadman character, Taker talked like a normal human being mixed with his gimmick speech. He revisited the time he faced Foley, Austin and reminded to people that it's been a 30 year since they've been doing the stuff in the historical arena.

As he was continuing his speech suddenly outta nowhere Sami Zayn's music hit and people started humming to his theme. Sami told taker maybe it's his time to hang up the boots and stop taking shine from young superstars like him.


A video of The Undertaker choke slamming Zayn on the floor during the segment

As seen further in the above video taker hands the mic to Sami and went on to exit the ring. He paused at the ropes and anti climatically stood face to face with Zayn. He then choke-slammed Zayn and thankfully it wasn't bad (pun intended) . Taker's theme music hits and Taker's exits the ring living behind another waste of an appearance in the form of this episode where people expected The Fiend to attack Taker.

Third party image reference

A fan made photo of The Fiend Bray Wyatt and Undertaker confronting on RAW

Just look at that picture , Who wouldn't be happy to see that confrontation?, WWE wasted a great opportunity as Wyatt signaled a 11:19 mystery on yesterday's Firefly Funhouse episode.

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