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UFO news: Aliens DO exist and human DNA came from SPACE claims Lembit Opik 'It's credible'

UFO sightings have been at the centre of an on-going debate as to whether aliens really do exist. On the day an event was organised to storm Area 51, former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik has claimed human life may have originated from space.

Lembit Opik, 54, has voiced his strong opinions on alien life and UFO sightings over the years and this morning was no different. Speaking on Good Morning Britain today with hosts Kate Garraway, 52, and Ben Shephard, 44, Mr Opik revealed who he believes human DNA could have come from another planet.

Beginning his sentiment, Mr Opik told the presenters: “It could be us. We could be the aliens and the reason I say that is…” before nothing their astounded demeanours.

The former politician continued: “Because the universe is about 14 billion years and it’s quite possible life has been seeded from one place to another.

“Either by accident - by asteroids bringing organic material here, or on purpose.

“Now, the second one’s interesting because it is theoretically possible that we were seeded here by the higher intelligence.”

UFO news: Aliens DO exist and human DNA came from SPACE claims Lembit Opik 'It's credible' (Image: ITV/GETTY)ITV Good Morning Britain hosts quizzed Lembit Opik on his views on alien existence (Image: ITV)

Mr Opik added: “I don’t think they’re travelling around in UFOs they forgot to hide from the US intelligence or US airforce, but it would be conceivable they were are actually part of a bigger plan."

Trying to get her head round Opik’s stance, Garraway commented: “Rather like seeds float in the wind, it could be possible accidentally some DNA or something from another planet landed here on earth and thats what we are.

“We are part of this life.”

“That’s right and there’s a credible strand of thought in astro-biology really to suggest that and some major proponents of that, so it could be by accident or theoretically it could be by design,” Mr Opik explained.

ITV Good Morning Britain: Lembit Opik revealed he believes aliens 'seeded' life on earth (Image: ITV)ITV Good Morning Britain showed footage of recent UFO sightings captured by the US (Image: ITV)

“But if it’s by design, they didn’t drop it in a UFO. Frankly, that’s careless."

The hosts then welcomed Martin Archer, who gave a different view to Mr Opik as he believes there is no evidence aliens lives among us.

“Lembit’s got two sides on that and the first one actually is a credible hypothesises that is being investigated," Mr Archer said.

“So this idea the material for life or even one of the very proto-life from Earth came from space, perhaps deposited by comets, that is a credible hypothesis that we’ve bene looking into.”

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Archer continued: “Taking to leap to then say it was done on purpose is a leap too far I think.

“There is no evidence for that. We don’t even have credible evidence yet that this idea life did come from space is true, though it is something we are thinking about and investigating thoroughly.”

Garraway then raised the discussion about the Area 51 event which was going to see a million alien entunstiats storm the base to uncover extra-terrestrial secrets before the organiser cancelled the event due to safety fears.

“I would like to believe that aliens do exist somewhere in the universe,” Archer commented.

“Lembit was right in saying the universe is very old, it is incredibly huge - it would be inconceivable that life in some form doesn’t exist somewhere.

“But saying that’s intelligent life that would be able to contact and come here is a different thing.”

Mr Opik concluded: “The fact is that if we come from somewhere else, then we’re all part of that.

“That may have done but seriously if they [aliens] have and they’ve got the intelligence and the ability to hide, we’d be like tomatoes in a greenhouse.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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