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Twitterati Hails 'polite' Luggage That Waits For Others To Pass, Watch Video

Twitterati hails 'polite' luggage that waits for others to pass. The video was taken in Singapore's Changi Airport and has been making rounds on the internet

Twitterati Hails 'polite' Luggage That Waits For Others To Pass, Watch Video

Luggage at Singapore's Changi Airport has become an internet sensation since it let another luggage pass to avoid clutter. In a video shared by a social media user, bags and suitcases on the conveyer belt are seen making a short halt for others to pass. Netizens have termed it 'polite' and widely sharing the post.

The conveyer belt algorithm is programmed as such that the luggage knows exactly when to stop and proceed in order to avoid bumping into each other. Twitter user Chann Prakash was first to tweet the video on the micro-blogging site. Take a look.

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'Polite' luggage goes viral

Posted first on December 2, the video has gone viral with over 28.6K retweets and 51.1K likes. Netizens expressed their amusement at the manners, while many compared it with airports having similar technology.

One user wrote: "Don't have to go that far East - even Kolkata airport baggage is polite." A second added: "This technology is at many airports in the world. The only difference is the greenery around the conveyor belt." A third user said: "Amazing. Only a citizenry with discipline and respect for rule of law can design technology as such." (sic) While a fourth tweeted: "One of the best airports 😍 in the world!! Tourism inside the port itself! Changi!!!".

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