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Tucker Carlson Says Adam Schiff Is ‘Dangerous To The Country’

Tucker Carlson Says Adam Schiff Is ‘Dangerous To The Country’
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Although reported that House Judiciary Chairman received praise for his performance in the impeachment trial of , not everyone was impressed. During Friday’s edition of his Fox News program, suggested the probe into the president’s behavior was sparked back a disagreement over foreign policy and took aim at Schiff’s closing speech, .

“This isn’t really about a phone call that Donald Trump once made to Ukraine,” Carlson said. “It’s actually, underneath it all, a policy disagreement.”

According to Carlson, the president’s statements before he took office are the reason for his impeachment. He pointed to the things Trump said during the February 2016 GOP debate, including his criticism of the Iraq war and desire to make peace with Russia.

“Permanent Washington was enraged that Trump violated neocon orthodoxy by criticizing Middle Eastern wars and promising to de-escalate tensions with Russia. Nothing he has done before or since has made them angrier than that did.”

The 50-year-old commentator then pointed to Schiff’s closing comments and suggested that Trump’s questioning of military aid to Ukraine was his “real sin.”

“Why? Because it is America’s duty to remain on the brink of war with Russia forever and indefinitely,” Carlson said.

Carlson continued to highlight parts of Schiff’s closing speech and its focus on foreign policy pertaining to Ukraine and Russia, suggesting that Washington has still not recovered from Trump’s election.

He also made a warning about Schiff’s presence in Washington.

“If this guy’s public statements reflect what he actually believes, he is dangerous to the country for real.”

Schiff has taken flak on many occasions by journalist Glenn Greenwald, who was recently for reportedly spotlighting corruption in the country’s government. In an article for , Greenwald pointed to Schiff’s interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper in which he accused Trump of abusing the powers of the FBI and Department of Justice. As Greenwald noted, Schiff opposed safeguards for the FBI’s spying just days later.

Unlike Carlson, Greenwald appears to believe Trump is just as much of a part of the problems with Washington. The American journalist has accused Trump or being part of a group of pro-surveillance politicians led by Trump, Schiff, Devin Nunes, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Swalwell.

On the is Independent Justin Amash, who proposed an amendment to reign in FBI’s spying powers that was ultimately shot down after Pelosi made a speech on the House floor in defense of such powers.

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