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Travel: Best Places To Go In Mumbai Other Than The Gateway Of India

Mumbai is one city that always has something new to discover. Read to know more about some of the best places to go in Mumbai other than the Gateway of India.

Travel: Best Places To Go In Mumbai Other Than The Gateway Of India

Mumbai is the one city that always has something new to discover. When you are in the city that never sleeps, there are tons of places to visit that shall leave you in awe. From the lit up Marine Drive to Bandstand, this city has more to offer than one can imagine. The city is always bustling with people coming in and out and running to catch the last train. When in Mumbai, the famous Gateway of India is just the tip of the iceberg; the city has so many more places to see. Listed below are some of the places one must check out when in Mumbai:

Mumbai Tourism: Best places to go in Mumbai

1) Marine Drive

This breathtaking ocean view shall get you gripped. Anyone who comes here makes it a point to sit here for long hours, either talking to their loved ones or simply staring at the vast ocean. Marine Drive is also called the queen's necklace as at night when the city is light marine drive that is in the shape of a semi-circle looks like a necklace from high above. People often spend so much time out here that seeing cops asking people to leave is not a strange sight here.

2) Juhu Beach

If and when you get tired of marine drive, then another beach that marks Mumbai is the Juhu beach. Here one can simply enjoy the sunrise and sunset or go to the numerous cafes that make the area famous. One shall even find street vendors selling some great street food that shall leave you wanting more.

3) Bandstand

This one is for all those wanting to get a glimpse of Bollywood stars. Many famous Indian celebrities reside in and around bandstand. Here, people come all the time to enjoy the weather, cafes and wishing to get their favorite stars. The food here is another reason that gets people coming here from far off places.

4) Elephanta Caves

One can even visit the famous Elephanta Caves which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cave temples are a tribute to the Hindu god Shiva. They are situated on the Elephanta Island or Gharapuri in the Harbour area of Mumbai. The caves are large and one can simply admire the intricate detailing here.

5) Leopold Cafe

This popular restaurant and bar are situated on the Colaba causeway. The restaurant was the first place of the 26/11 attack and it still has the bullet marks near one of their tables. Many people including foreigners visit this cafe for various reasons. Some of the best dishes to try here include pasta, cheesecake, burgers, roast chicken, cocktails and mojito.

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