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Top Secrets About Space Science . Have A Look .

● There are generally two kinds of comets: short-period comets that come around more often than every 200 years and long period comets that come around less often than every 200 years. Astrologers believe that most short period comets come from the Kuiper Belt while most long period comets come from the Oort Cloud.

● Our Sun and entire solar system are just the tiniest fraction of the Milky Way, an enormous rotating galaxy that's 100,000 light years across. But galaxies get even bigger-one called M87 is 980,000 light years in diameter!

Top Secrets About Space Science . Have A Look .
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● Although we share the Milky Way with so many other stars, even the closest stars are really, really far away. The average distance between stars is around five light years or 30 trillion miles.

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● Capella, also designated a Aurigae, is the brightest object in the constellation of Auriga, the sixth-brightest star in the night sky, and the third-brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere after Arcturus and Vega.

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● Alpha Cephei, also named Alderamin, is second magnitude star in the constellation of Cepheus near the northern pole. The star is relatively close to Earth at 49 light years.

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