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Top 5 best foods to eat in rainy day

Rainy season had arrived and it is the most lovable season of all. The weather is nor too hot nor too cold. The temperature is moderate and the rain drops makes you feel happy. When we are happy food add more happiness to it. Here are some food item for rainy day which makes your monsoon more delightful.If you like this post please share & follow.


Tea is most lovable and consuming take in the monsoon season. The ginger Tea or masala tea is perfect in the rainy season. During rainy seasons it beats other drinks. It boost up you. It enhance your mood. In rainy reason its quite peaceful to have a cup of tea and listening the voice of rain.

Top 5 best foods to eat in rainy day
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2. Pakoras

Pakoras are like heaven with tea during monsoon. Pakoras are the best snack during rainy season. It can be taken with tomato sauce or chutney. Its combination with tea is the best .

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3. Bhutta

Bhutta is basically a corn which is cooked in coal gas to give burn flavour. salt , chili powder and lemon juice is spread in the bhutta for flavors. Its famous during rainy season and also available only during monsoon.

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It is another favorite snack of people after pakoras consumed most in this season. It also consumed with tomato sauce and chutney. It is best with tea. It can be made by baking or deep frying .

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5. Pav Bhaji

It is basically a Maharashtrian dish which gets famous in all other state also. The bhaiji is served with fried pav. Its such a delightful dish . It is also very good dish during monsoon .

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