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Top 5 Greatest Wolverine Villains

Wolverine is one of the coolest and most amazing superhero of Marvel comics. Wolverine is best known as one of the greatest and most popular X-Men of all time. Wolverine's foes are some of the deadliest characters in the entire Marvel Universe. Wolverine's deadliest enemies stick around because they're just as merciless, cunning, and skilled as Wolverine. So here top 5 most dangerous and greatest Wolverine Villains of all time.

5) Daken

He's the Son of Wolverine but that doesn't mean he is one of the good guys. Daken became one of the most skilled assassins the world had ever seen and his chaotic nature and the powers that he inherited from dear old dad brought him into conflict with Logan many times. Like father, like son, they share the same abilities. The only difference is that Daken in Wolverine's dark side and trust me, if Wolverine was to ever become rogue, this guy is a perfect example.

Top 5 Greatest Wolverine Villains
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4) Omega Red

 Logan isn’t the only creation to come out of Weapon X. Russian soldier Arkady Rossovich also underwent Weapon X experimentation and became the murderous Omega Red. He has a healing factor like Wolverine, he is bonded with an unbreakable substance, Omega Red is the flaccid Wolverine. He is a very aggressive enemy to Wolverine. Omega Red has been a constant foe to Wolverine and the X-Men, but the Weapon X connection also makes this tentacle versus claw rivalry personal.

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3) Romulus

Romulus may have been born in prehistoric times, and is possibly a member of the Lupine race that evolved from canines and not apes. It is revealed that Romulus has been manipulating people from Wolverine’s bloodline for centuries in order to create a perfect warrior. Romulus is a shadowy villain that’s been revealed to be the puppet master for many of the darkest events in Wolverine’s life. Romulus has been proved one of the most dangerous and powerful villain of Wolverine.

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2) Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike’s father was Lord Dark Wind, the creator of the Adamantium Bonding Process used by Weapon X to transform Logan into the living weapon Wolverine. Blaming Wolverine for the theft of this scientific breakthrough, Deathstrike has long sought to kill Wolverine, and take the Adamantium from his bones. Deathstrike underwent an Adamantium bonding of her own and became the long fingered psycho killer of X legend. Lady Deathstrike became a professional criminal, and along with former Hellfire Club mercenaries-turned cyborgs and she mortally wounded Wolverine.

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1) Sabretooth

Wolverine’s greatest enemy is without doubt Victor Creed also known as Sabertooth. Believed to have been born in the late 1800s, Victor Creed was noticeably animalistic and brutal even as a young child. Sabretooth was a member of the Marauders, a team of hired killers that were paid to take out the sewer dwelling Morlocks. During the conflict, Wolverine ran afoul of Sabretooth and the two tore into each other. The main point is that Sabretooth enjoys antagonizing Wolverine which is why Sabretooth is the greatest Wolverine villain there is. Sabretooth's attacks aren't simply physical, he also makes it a point to mentally torment Wolverine.

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