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Top 5 Benefits Of Eating Green Vegetables

1) Full of Minerals: Green leafy vegetables, particularly spinach, are known for being high in magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral necessary for maintaining muscle health, as well as bone formation – helping the absorption of calcium.

Top 5 Benefits Of Eating Green Vegetables

2) Improves Your Metabolism: As leafy, crunchy fresh greens are high in iron and fibre, they naturally improve our metabolism and keep the production of our red blood cells at a healthy rate. So pile your plate high!

3) Microgreens are immature greens, which have been popular since the 1980s. They’re flavorful and packed with nutrients like vitamins C, E and K. What’s more, they can be grown all year.


4) Collard greens have thick leaves and are bitter in taste. They’re one of the best sources of vitamin K, may reduce blood clots and promote healthy bones.

5) If you desire to achieve flawless skin, start adding Swiss chard and lettuces to your salad bowl. Both leafy vegetables are abundant in vitamins, mineral, and other components that alleviate skin-damaging factors.


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