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Top 5 Actors Who Almost Died On Set

Remind Us Never To Take Up Acting. Welcome To Uc News. My Self Iam Parlapally Saroja. & Today We’re Counting Down Our Picks For The Top 5 Actors Who Nearly Died On Set.

#1: Tom Cruise

Top 5 Actors Who Almost Died On Set
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“The Last Samurai” (2003) “The Last Samurai” is about as a close to two hours of pure sword porn as a film can get. Combine this with the fact that Tom Cruise likes to do his own stunts and it seems like he was bound to get hurt on its set. In one scene, Cruise and his Japanese co-star were seated on mechanical horses. These two horses were hurtled towards each other and his fellow actor’s sword missed Cruise’s neck by an inch – thanks to his martial arts skills. Still, that was relatively tame. Another fight scene featuring 4 attackers apparently had 70 instances in which Cruise could have been wounded.

#2: Jason Statham

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“The Expendables 3” (2014) You’d feel pretty safe hanging out with The Terminator, Rambo and the Old Spice power guy, wouldn’t you? In fact, when these guys are together, the biggest fear might be that the continent they’re on could run out of protein. Yet Jason Statham did nearly die doing a stunt for “The Expendables 3.” While driving a truck, the brakes gave out and the actor drove off a cliff into the Black Sea. The Transporter’s driving may have let him down, but fortunately, his expert-level diving skills helped him escape the wreckage and swim to shore.

#3: Kate Winslet

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“Titanic” (1997) Few things are scarier than a near-drowning incident. While Viggo Mortensen’s near drowning in a river during filming of “The Lord of the Rings” was harrowing, imagine having to run from a giant wave! During the “Titanic” scene in question, Kate Winslet caught her coat on a gate and got pulled underwater. James Cameron continues to dismiss the idea that she was in any real danger, claiming they only let her think she was going to drown. He also claims to know what he’s talking about because he’s almost drowned on many occasions. Okay, let’s put this incident aside for a second and ask ourselves: “Why does James Cameron keep nearly drowning?”

#4: Jackie Chan

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“Armour of God” (1986) This actor is known for performing his own stunts, and he took it to the next level when a particular one caused him to fall over 16-feet from a tree. For “Armour of God,” while attempting to jump from a wall toward a branch, Chan landed hard, and in the process his skull collided with a rock. This pushed some bone into his brain, which required surgery to remove. Everyone’s favorite martial artist still has a hole in his head – though it’s been filled with a plastic plug. Luckily, Chan seemingly escaped the incident without lasting brain damage, although he did think starring in the “Rush Hour” sequels was a good idea…

#9: Isla Fisher

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“Now You See Me” (2013) Remember when escapologist and magician Henley Reeves pretends to be stuck in a tank of water as piranhas pour in? Well, it turns out pretending to be stuck and being stuck look very similar. During the filming of this “Now You See Me” scene, actress Isla Fisher banged on the glass to tell the cast and crew she was stuck, but since that’s what her character was supposed to do, no one thought much of it. Thankfully, she managed to free herself in time. Practical effects shouldn’t need to be this real, how about a little more movie magic…?

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