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Top 10 prettiest actresses around the world

Hello guys welcome back to another article in which I am going to tell you all about top 10 prettiest actresses.

Hande Erçel

Top 10 prettiest actresses around the world
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Hande Erçel , is very popular Turkish actress and model. She has been famous all over the world since 2013.

Rachel McAdams

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She was born in London but due to her family problems she moved to many places in her childhood. Therefore she has mixture of many descents.

Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is just a perfect figure to portray the beauty of an ideal girl. She is not only cute and adorable but also and hot and stunning.

Amanda Seyfried

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Amanda is an American actress and model. She began modelling when she was 11 and started acting when she was in high school.

Nana Im Jin-Ah

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Popularly known by name Nana. She is former member of K-pop girl band after school. She is also the most beautiful girl in Korea.

Katherine Langford

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Katherine was born in Australia. She is very young model and actress. She wanted to become an actress when she completed her graduation.

Lin Yun

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Lin Yun is a Chinese actress. She is the most popular Chinese actress and she appeared in many famous movies such as The Mermaid.

Emilia Clarke

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She is one of the stars of the famous drama series Game of Thrones. She has won several titles for her beauty.

Deepika Padukone

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Deepika Padukone has very beautiful eyes with sharp features that make her look stunning. She is very popular Bollywood actress.

Ariana Grande


Ariana is a popular American actress, model and singer. She has dimples on her cheek and her face looks very pretty.

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kristen stewart. emma watson

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Hande Erçel I need one night

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Alex Mercer

Emma Watson , Gal gadot , Scarlett Johanson ????

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