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Top 10 Covid-19 fake news BUSTED: Reality behind viral photos, free Jio recharge & more

It is possible that you almost believed these fake news forwards on WhatsApp, creating a panic amid coronavirus pandemic. Here's a reality check.

Coronavirus has created a panic among the people around the world as several countries, including India have ordered a total lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Adding fuel to fire is the eruption of fake messages and forwards, doubling the fears about coronavirus among people.

At International Business Times, India, we are constantly trying to bust such fake news. But with every passing day, the flow of misinformation remains undisrupted. Every day we are presented with new information that is passed around as being legit when there's no reality to it.

Here are 20 most viral photos and messages about coronavirus that have been passed around via social networking sites or IMs such as WhatsApp as real information, when they are nothing more than baseless rumours.

Kanika Kapoor met Prince Charles (both tested positive for Covid-19)

Top 10 Covid-19 fake news BUSTED: Reality behind viral photos, free Jio recharge & more

Truth - This was a photo taken in 2015, much before the coronavirus outbreak, when Kanika Kapoor and Prince Charles had met at the Elephant Family charity event, Travels to my Elephants.

498 / - free recharge by Jio

Truth - Reliance Jio chairman Mukesh Ambani has generously donated towards the fight against coronavirus, but the claim about a Rs 498 free recharge by the telco is fake. A company spokesperson confirmed that the link shared with the fake message is not associated to Jio in any way.

People dead on streets of Italy

Truth - The photo was taken in March 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany, when people laid down to remember the lost lives of Nazi concentration camp.

Dr. Ramesh Gupta's book is a treatment of corona in animal science.

Truth: Coronavirus currently has no cure or vaccine. Doctors are treating patients for their symptoms and all the countries are working towards developing a cure for the deadly disease. The claim about Dr Ramesh Gupta's book is clearly FAKE.

Dr. Naresh Trehan of Medanta Hospital appeals to the National Emergency.

Truth - Dr. Trehan made no appeal.

Picture of a couple who got infected with infection after treating 134 victims.

Truth: The picture is not of a doctor couple. Instead, it is a couple at the airport.

Coronavirus life is up to 12 hours.

Truth - The claim about coronavirus dying after 12 hours is fake. Coronavirus can live anywhere between 3 hours to 9 days.

500 lion roads in Russia

Truth - A movie scene with captions done on free software. Just to be clear, no Putin-govt did not release lions in the streets to keep people indoors.

Picture of many coffins in Italy

Truth - This photo is indeed from Italy, but it is several years old. The original photo can be found on Getty Images, which rightly describes the photo as of those African immigrants who were killed in a shipwreck off Lampedusa island in Italy. But it is being passed around as the current situation of Italy, which is reporting shockingly high Covid-19 cases. Given the background, one might easily fall for it. But you shouldn't.

Kanika Kapoor met PM Modi

Truth: The singer sure did meet PM Modi, but not during the coronavirus pandemic. The photo making the rounds of the internet dates back to September 2018.

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Good work n thank you for reel to real

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good job n reveal more

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Nicely done .All the fakers must be aware now because there is now an IBTimes

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