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Today in history, September 12: Thousands dead after 9/11 attack

On this day in 2001, rescue workers continued their search for bodies in the World Trade Centre rubble, after a terrorist attack left thousands dead.

Today in history, September 12: Thousands dead after 9/11 attack

A firefighter surveys the remains of the World Trade Centre in New York, on this day in 2001, following the September 11 terror attack.Source:News Corp Australia

Highlights in history on this date:

English explorer Henry Hudson sails into the New York river that now bears his name.

A French squadron attacks Rio de Janeiro as part of the War of Spanish Succession.

Russia takes Baku and Derbent on Caspian Sea from Persia.

Alexander I of Russia announces annexation of Georgia.

John Bowen arrives in the future Tasmania with two convict ships to set up a new British colony.

NSW convicts seize the ship Trial and escape but the vessel is later wrecked.

Switzerland adopts new constitution as a federal union with strong central government.

British South Africa Company sets up Salisbury in Rhodesia.

The world’s first recorded female police officer, Alice Stebbins Wells, is appointed to the Los Angeles Police Department.

German paratroopers take Benito Mussolini from the hotel where he is being held by the Italian government.

Benito Mussolini after his rescue by German military commander Otto Skorzeny in 1943.Source:Supplied

First US troops reach German soil in World War II.

Nikita Khrushchev becomes First Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party.

Soviet Union launches Luna 2, the first spacecraft to strike the moon.

Dissident army officers try unsuccessfully to overthrow government of South Vietnam.

Albania announces it is withdrawing from the Warsaw Pact.

Palestinian guerillas blow up three hijacked airliners in Jordan.

Chinese leaders gather in Beijing for funeral of Mao Tse-Tung.

Turkish military seizes power over the country and keeps it until 1983.

Azem Hajdari, a leading Albanian opposition politician, is assassinated by unidentified gunmen.

Stunned rescue workers continue to search for bodies in the rubble of the World Trade Centre a day after a terrorist attack shut down the financial capital, badly damaged the Pentagon and left thousands dead.

Masked firefighters take a break from searching for survivors in the World Trade Centre’s rubble, following the September 11 terrorist attack in 2001.Source:News Limited

Brazilian diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello takes over as the new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, succeeding Mary Robinson.

The UN Security Council votes to lift sanctions against Libya that had been in place for 11 years as a response to the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland;

Country singer Johnny Cash dies aged 71.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe quietly adopts constitutional changes that make it easier for the state to seize private property and prevent opponents from travelling abroad to criticise his 25-year rule.

Solomon Islands government expels Australia’s high commissioner Patrick Cole in retaliation for Canberra’s opposition to an inquiry into riots in the Pacific nation.

Authorities confirm a new foot-and-mouth outbreak on the outskirts of London, just days after the government lifted livestock restrictions.

A leaking gasoline pipeline explodes in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, sending flames racing through a slum and killing at least 75 people.

A mob armed with guns and grenades launches a fiery attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing the US ambassador and three other Americans.

An armed man stands next to the buildings set on fire at the US consulate, on this day in 2012.Source:AFP

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad publicly agrees to a Russian plan to secure and destroy his chemical weapons, but says the proposal will work only if the US halts threats of military action.

Olympian Oscar Pistorius is found guilty of culpable homicide, one day after his shock murder acquittal over the death of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announces on Facebook that a NSW bid to move the Australian Grand Prix to Sydney has failed.

The NSW government offers a record $1 million reward for information relating to missing toddler William Tyrell who disappeared two years ago from the NSW coast.

The UN joins the growing international condemnation of Myanmar’s violence against Rohingya Muslims.

The Costume Shop in Sydney’s Waterloo closes its doors after 30 years and puts 10,000 outfits up for sale.

American actor Paul Walker, who would have turned 46 today.Source:Supplied

Richard Jordan Gatling, inventor of the multi-barrelled machine gun (1818-1903); Herbert Henry Asquith, British prime minister (1852-1928); Maurice Chevalier, French actor-entertainer (1888-1971); Jesse Owens, US athlete (1913-1980); Linda Gray, US actor (1940); Digby Richards, Australian entertainer (1941-1983); Barry White, US singer (1944-2003); Max Walker, Australian cricketer and TV personality (1948-2016); Rachel Ward, Australian- based actor (1957); Paul Walker, US actor (1973-2013); Nathan Bracken, Australian cricketer (1977); Grant Denyer, Australian TV personality (1977); Yao Ming, Chinese basketball player (1980); Jennifer Hudson, American actor and singer (1981).

“In politics, an absurdity is not a handicap” — Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821).

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