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To get rid of slim body use this amazing method, click to know

The kind of food we eat in today's runny life has neither taste nor the essential nutrients that our body should get. Because in this era, adulterated food is more. Due to which the body becomes weak. And the body begins to look lean. If your body is lean or weak, then you will also feel very embarrassed. In such a situation, our body is also prone to many serious diseases. That is why in this post today, we are going to tell you a way that by trying you can get rid of your lean body and make your body strong. So let us know again about that recipe,

To get rid of slim body use this amazing method, click to know
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Ingredients required to make a recipe

To make this home-grown recipe you will need dried pumpkin seeds. Because dried seeds of pumpkin contain many elements like omega-3, vitamins, calcium, calories, phosphorus, copper, zinc. Apart from this you will also need peanuts to make this recipe. If you wish, you can also add sugar candy to it, which will make it taste even better.

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To make this recipe, you take one spoon of dried pumpkin seeds and one spoon of peanuts, you can also add one spoon of sugar candy in it. Make a powder by grinding all three and consume one spoon of this powder daily with milk half an hour before breakfast. If you use this powder regularly for a few days, then your body will become strong.

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