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Tips to weight loss diet and exercises.

SWeight gaining become the major problem and stressful in today's world. The key to successful weight loss is developing healthy diet and exercise habits. Buying weight loss products, Eating supplement and medicines may hamper your body parts and organs e.g. Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, Stomach, Skin Irritation, Hormone imbalance etc.

Here are the few tips to weight loss diet and exercises.

  1. Cardio Exercises for weight loss:

Cardiovascular exercises not just loss weight, they also keep your heart healthy. Doing cardio exercises regularly can help you shed kilos by burning calories consumed. How much you burn depends on your body's metabolism which tents to decline as you age. Just 30 minutes of cardio workout every day is enough to keep you in shape.

Choose any two exercise from the below picture for your daily task.

Tips to weight loss diet and exercises.
Cardio Exercises

2. Brisk Walking:

A doctor recommended exercise, taking brisk walks every morning is a tried-and-tested way to keep fit. With time, you will also see weight loss results. Ensure that you wear proper footwear when walking and have a gap of 30 minutes between your walk and meals. Walk on a full stomach is not recommended.

Brisk Walk

3. Swimming:

If you are a water baby, this is the perfect workout for you. Swim your way to a slimmer you. It tones the entire body which means you will lose weight overall and not just from a specific body part. However, only swimming isn't enough to reach your goal so keep reading down below for other exercises to help you lose weight effectively.

Swimming Exercises

4. Running:

Get your heart rate up and the scales on the weighing scale moving by running your way to a skinnier you. Running whether you like sprinting or prefer marathons are perfect examples of a good cardio workout.

Running Exercise

5. Cycling:

An eco-friendly way to burn calories, cycling is a good cardio exercise that will also give you perfectly toned legs. If you do not have a cycling path nearby, you can also look indoor cycling which is common in most gyms these days. You can slowly increase your distance and pace to see faster weight loss results.

Cycling exercise

6. Leafy Greens:

We all know the very benefits of eating green leafy vegetables yet we don't always include these in our diet. Not only are they low in calories, they pack a nutritious punch and are rich in iron, magnesium and vitamins like A, K, B etc. Make sure you eat spinach, fenugreek, kale, lettuce, etc daily.

Leafy Greens

7. Green Tea:

This beverage has many health benefits and a cup of it barely has two-three calories. It also aids digestion and calms your nerves. So make the switch from coffee and masala chai to green tea.

Green tea

You have to managed to push yourself and hit the gym regularly but still haven't managed to lose so much weight. Perhaps it could be on your food habits.

While exercise helps in burning calories, the rest depends on your diet. Without the right diet, you cannot lose weight in a healthy way.

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