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This man was India's first bodybuilder, he did this in 1952

This man was India's first bodybuilder, he did this in 1952

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Friends, whenever people think about body building, only one face comes in front of them and that is Arnold's. Friends Arnold made a big difference with his tremendous body.


But do you know that there is also a bodybuilder in India, who has earned a name from his best body around the world before Arnold. Friends, the name of this Indian bodybuilder is Manohar Aich. For information, please tell that Manohar Aich was born on 17 March 1912.


Please tell that at that time he was born in a village named Putiya in India, which is in Bangladesh today. It is said that once in childhood, when Manohar Aich saw some wrestlers performing their bodies, they had got the taste of body building.


Friends, let me tell you that seeing the body that Manohar Aich had created through his hard work, he got a job as a physical trainer in the British Royal Airforce. Tell that in the year 1950, he won his first international title 'Mr. Hercules'.

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After winning this title, his name became popular as 'Pocket Hercules'. In the year 1952, he won the title of Mr. Universe and wrote his name in the golden letters of history. Friends, he became the first Indian to win the title of Mr. Universe. Manohar Aich, who has seen a century with his own eyes, breathed his last at the age of 104. Friends, Manohar Aich, India's first Mr. Universe, died on 5 June 2016.

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howdoes that make him Indian in 52 it was either Pakistan or Bangladesh not India, before it was called India it was Hindustan... I'm India and your article states that he was from Bangladesh

8 Months ago

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