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This is what Paras Chhabra had to say when asked about his marriage plans with Mahira Sharma

This is what Paras Chhabra had to say when asked about his marriage plans with Mahira Sharma

Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma are all over the news. The duo shared a strong bond when they were together in BB13 house. They have been together since the beginning of the show. They fought all the resentments that people had for them. If you had closely monitored Bigg Boss 13's finale you'd know how comfortable they were in each other's company. As they say, true love breaks all barriers, they stood for each other at all times when in the house.

During an Insta Live session with Pinkvilla one of the fans asked Paras about his plans of settling down with Mahira. He said, "'Yeh kab hua? (When did this happen). Later he added, 'If Mahira and I are destined to get hitched, then we might just end up tying the knot in the next 21 days of lockdown. So, if we're bound to be together it might just happen.'

A true relation is where you get to talk about your highs and lows with your partner. Pahira fought, made up, laughed and cried together all under the sun. Their bond was based on utmost loyalty. Paras who is known for his strings of affairs did not leave any chance to flirt, blow kisses to her. It always looked from Mahira's end that she had friend-zoned Paras.

During a previous conversation when Mahira was asked about her equation with Paras she said that they have a great bond. Currently under quarantine, she also added that she shares a good bond with Paras' mother as well. It seems like Mahira has a brilliant equation even with the family of Paras. It seems like Paras found home in Mahira but time will tell where these two stand. Paras was initially had close linups with Aanchal Khurana and Akanksha Puri who both held significant positions in his past.

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