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This fan can work 10 hours without electricity, you can also charge phone

Innovative things are being made available in the modern times through technology. recently presented lighting series Halonix with a 10-hour backup fan series. These fans are equipped with many great features through which These fans can be used in many ways. According to the experts, the LED light is fitted in these fans.

This fan can work 10 hours without electricity,  you can also charge phone
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Will charge phone

According to the experts, some of these fans have been given USB port for charging and solar charging. These fans series launched by Halonix will have ceiling fan, wall fan, table fan, pedestal fan, and exhaust fans. All features are given, it can work without charging up to

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Fans' specialty

According to the experts, these fans have a 10-hour long backup time. I will also be equipped with the Fans Integrated LED Light. I will be given all the functions remote to control the same fan. It will have a USB port in these fans with high air delivery through which Solar charging and phone charging can be done. However, it can only be found in a few models.

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According to the experts, these fans can be purchased from the online e-commerce site Amazon, where they are made available on prices according to the models. The price of Halonix Inverters 400mm Pedestal fan is Rs 4,096, Halonix Inverter 400mm Table Fan White is priced at Rs 3,659. The Halonix Inverter Binco 200mm Personal Fan is priced at Rs 2,460.

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Fk this fan is already in bihar from last 4years

5 Months ago


Where to buy this fan

3 Months ago


it works on inverter whats a big deal? without electricity my fan leds fridge runs for 11 hours dude

3 Months ago

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