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This car is the first choice of smart boys

This car is the first choice of smart boys
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Let us tell you that having a car in a family in the present time is a common thing. Today we are telling you people about such a car, this car has become the first choice of boys. Let us tell all of you, that every year the new auto car launches with low prices and good features in the Indian auto market.

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Today we are telling you guys about one of Tata's finest cars, this new car is named Tata Harrier. The company has designed this new version of its beautifully beautiful car. Let us tell you that the starting X showroom price of this car is 12.69 lakh rupee.

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This car is filled with bloated ABS braking system as well as full auto metic system. 7 people can easily sit in this car. Tata presented his car for the first time in the auto expo 2018. This new SUV has been made at Tata Motors H5X Concept.

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This car has a very bold look compared to the other cars. Tata has introduced this car in four variant XE, XM, XT and XZ. Tata's car has a 2.0 liter turbocharged diesel engine. This engine can generate torque of power of 138 bhp and 350 nm. The top SUV of this new SUV gets 17 inch big alloy wheels.

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Nice car We are Indian make this type car. Proud Indians we beat others in automotive technology

5 Months ago


Let me tell you nice article. But too many "Let me tell you"s

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top in top car

11 Hours ago

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