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This actress of Bhojpuri films fell victim to incurable disease

This actress of Bhojpuri films fell victim to incurable disease
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In today's time people use many types of medicines to keep themselves fit so that they are always healthy, but even after doing so, if you are suffering from an incurable disease. Similarly in today's post, we will tell you about an actress who is suffering from incurable disease.

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A lot of bad news has come to the fans of Bhojpuri films' beautiful actress Kajal Raghavani. It is being told that Bhojpuri actress has become a victim of serious illness these days. The actress herself has given information about this on her social account. Kajal has revealed on her Instagram that she has a disease called "polycystic ovarian" disease. Due to which the weight of the actress is constantly increasing.

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Kajal wrote in this post - I can see all the symptoms of this disease. There was nothing like hiding and shaming it. Symptoms of the disease are described in this photo shared by Kajal. With which Kajal wrote - I hope you will understand. The post of the actress was flooded with comments from her fans. Everyone started praying for quick recovery of Kajal.

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