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This actress looks like a 25 year old girl even at the age of 50

In 1989, Bhagyashree, with film 'Maine Pyar Kiya', made Salman Khan's impressive debut in Bollywood. Bhagyashree has turned 50, even though she looked gorgeous.

This actress looks like a 25 year old girl even at the age of 50
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It is based on Bhagyashree that she is not 50 years old. Because she still looks beautiful and young as a 25-year-old girl. Bhagyashree is very diligent and keeps a balanced diet to keep herself fit and healthy at the age of 50.

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Also, Bhagyashree is very active on social media, which she shares her beautiful photos and related things with her fitness every day. Bhagyashree has been leaving Bollywood for a long time, but her beauty is no less than any actress.

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Bhagyashree later married a businessman Himalayan Dishani in 1990, exactly 1 year after the release of her first Bollywood film. Let me tell you that two young Bhagyashree.

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Bhagyashree's son's name is Abhimanyu and his daughter's name is Avantika Dasani. The man in Bollywood is not afraid of his son Abhimanyu Bhagyashree's debut. Her daughter Avantika may also debut in films very soon.

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