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Things That Makes Him Think You Are Interested

Things That Makes Him Think You Are Interested

Sometimes, even when you are treating him like a friend, he might think you are actually interested in him. He might start pinning hoes on you. In fact, he may take you for granted too.So, it is better to quickly draw a line and tell him that he isn't part of your inner world. It is better to make him realise that he isn't your dream boy.Here are some things that makes him think you are interested.

1.Late Night Texts: Did you ever spend a boring night chatting with him over the phone? Did you mildly flirt? Well, that could have made him think that you have feelings for him. Some guys think that if a girl spends odd hours chatting, then it could mean something more than just friendship.

2.Winks: Some guys think that winks convey interest. Well, that could really sound silly to girls but yes, if you wink due to any reason during a conversation with him, he may think you are interested.

3.Laughing Loudly: If you have the habit of laughing loudly for all his silly jokes, he will live under the illusion that he has managed to win your heart.

4.Sharing Food With Him: Some guys may overthink and over analyse if you regularly share food with them. He might think that you are doing all that as you are interested in him.

5.Playing With Your Hair: If you have the habit of playing with your hair when you are talking to him, he might consider that as a sign you are interested.

6.Open Talk: Some guys also misunderstand an open conversation about deeper topics like romance. They think that only if a woman is interested, she will talk about such topics with men. But in reality women who are frank, straight forward and knowledgeable, share their honest opinions in intellectual conversations.

These are the things that makes him think that you are interested.

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