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Things That Indian Couples Do On First Night

Things That Indian Couples Do On First Night

Wedding time is the best time of our lives. We get a chance to get decked up, meet our relatives, click amazing pictures and, hell yeah, get a crush or two during this time.Amidst all this, do we think of the poor couple who's getting married? What exactly would they do on their first night? Is this a question that constantly lingers on in your mind?Are there chances that they actually get to do the things that are mostly hyped as in case of Hindi movies? Or do they do something unexpected?Here are some things that Indian couples do on first night.

Things that Indian couples do on first night are:

1.They Sleep Like Logger Heads: Once the couple get their space, they would settle down to get their share of sleep after a long hectic day they have had! Since the Indian weddings are so tiresome and full of traditions a good rest is a must.

2.Sexy Talks: There are those couples as well who are left with some energy and hence end up having few naughty talks and actions.

3.Packaging For Honeymoon: Bag packing would be the first thing couples would end up doing, if they have a flight the next day to catch for their honeymoon destination. No "movie-type romance" for sure!

4.Take A Shower: Having a nice long bath to feel relaxed after a tiring long day is something anybody would love to do. Come on guys, who would love to get an experience while being sticky all over!

5.Unwrapping: Some brides can be really anxious to know what gifts they have received, especially from their friends. How cute is that.

6.Discuss About The Wedding: Couples also tend to spend their first night by discussing about the not-so-important topics of wedding like pathetic relatives, food and gifts.

These are the things that Indian couples do on first night.

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