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Things Every Girl Realise in One Month of Her Wedding

Things Every Girl Realise in One Month of Her Wedding

Getting married is a start of new phase for both man and woman. But, ample to things change in women's life as they have to leave their own house for someone else and start the new journey of life with lots of patience. There are lot of things that she realises in the first month after her wedding-

1. Weird Words

"Husband" and "wife" are weird words.And they sound even weirder coming out of your mouth the first hundred times (yeah, you're going to be The Person Who Can't Stop Saying "Husband."

2. Tough To Tell About No Name Change

I've started building an arsenal of responses to "How's life as Mrs. Dolinger??" The first of which is "It's so great! But I'm not!" But, as a coworker recently put it, when you see your 90-year-old grandma for the first time after the wedding and she gleefully exclaims, "It's the Mr. and Mrs.!!!" you're not exactly going to be like, "Listen, lady."

3. Honeymoon

Happiness-wise, sex-wise, life-wise. In my personal experience, it seems to be longer than a month, but we'll talk again soon football season is nigh.
4. No Tears Only Smile

Fuck everyone! You're allowed to do both. There's absolutely a period of post-wedding sadness that's pretty requisite with the biggest party of your life coming to an end. You don't have to justify to anyone why you're unsettled and mopey after your honeymoon and you shouldn't let anyone make you feel bad for feeling that way either.
5. Change Relationship

Just after you are married and done with your honeymoon, people around you start to expect a new member from you.

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