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They Created Engagement Ring with GPS Device to Track Your Partner

We could say that we have seen almost everything in a matter of engagement rings, such as those that are tattooed and that you will wear, literally, forever. There are also those who are drilled on your finger and with whom you might think that you could not be "more committed".

However, came the nightmare of the girls who fled to bondage for life ...

They Created Engagement Ring with GPS Device to Track Your Partner
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A new gadget  is installed in the market of fine jewelry and promises to have any future boyfriend or girlfriend very aware of their partner: engagement rings with GPS!

It is not that there is no confidence, it is "for safety".

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The advance of technology now allows you, thanks to these rings, to know where the user is. It works with a tracker that is synchronized with a code, which shows you the location in real time through an app . The device is so small that it allows the ring to be of a similar weight and design to other common ones.

Although at first sight it seems that the idea involves many conjugal problems, such as being discovered in a lie, this smart jewelry has an "occasional" way, for when the couple considers that it is not necessary to bring the alliances and keep abreast The other person's movements during the day.

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The idea comes from the company Boyfriend Tracker (your boyfriend's tracker) and at first it seemed to imply mistrust and jealousy between the consuming couples.

Market studies showed that the product could be more useful than previously believed, but for the most disturbing reasons: kidnappings, natural disasters, when people travel alone to very distant places or in case of theft or loss.

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The marriage ring has a symbolism of trust, fidelity and eternal union, which seems contrary to the concept that this ring with GPS proposes. But we are in an era where new generations calm any feeling of anxiety with the security of technology ... or the curiosity of investigating the couple that reinvents itself over time. Would you use it?

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