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These secret places in Tokyo will surprise you

The buzz and infectious energy of Tokyo can keep you awake wondering its beauty all day long. It welcomes every traveler with full arms and the exciting day trips option that can enhance your getaway fun. Right from scenic to crowded and popular, Tokyo ensures you have a crazy fun filled holiday and an unforgettable travel experience.

These secret places in Tokyo will surprise you
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Tokyo is very well connected to the surrounding areas. It’s a lively super active city with many historical gems to explore. We have got you the top three destinations that you must visit to explore the authentic flavors and rich culture of Tokyo.

Mt Fuji

The vast iconic landscape is the highest volcano mountain in the country. It has a breathtaking view surrounded by lakes and large trees. You can admire the serene beauty of Mother Nature while on your adventure streak. Bathe in the golden sunlight by the mountainside.

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You get an out of the world experience exploring the grandeur at this quiet getaway.


Nikko is filled with several grand shrines, temples, and monuments. The bright and picturesque place has a lot to offer and gives you a peek into the ancient culture of Japan. It has an impressive view of a trendy, warm and bright vibe.

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The shrines here are famous for its ancient craftsmanship, and the surroundings are filled with huge old trees. It’s a special place that connects you with nature as well as humankind history.


Kamakura houses many Zen temples, giving you the perfect escape from the overcrowded city. A major attraction is the 11.3-meter copper Buddha Statue, the Great Buddha of Kamakura. Get enchanted by its immense structure and intricate details.

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The mystical place has a lot to offer if you are a true art fan. There is a beautiful temple planted right upon the mystical woodlands providing the most rewarding escape tour.

Escape to ancient Japan

When planning your Tokyo tour, make sure you include theses day trips in your schedule. Thanks to the modern and developing infrastructure the connectivity is fantastic so that you can reach every destination with ease. Enjoy your enthralling holiday and explore the delightful culture of Tokyo.

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Harry ki Baat

Tokyo...if you are a travel freak like me this article is for you

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i like many things about Japan and Japanese. Japan is a very beautiful island. in travelling to there,I like to visit to mt Fuji, Nara city, Kamakura .those places will be amazing Trip 😊😊👍👍👌👌

8 Days ago


thanks for sharing.

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