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These five remedies will make your hair beautiful and dense

These five remedies will make your hair beautiful and dense
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After washing the rice, which water saves, we throw it out as useless. This water of rice is very beneficial for skin and hair. If you want beautiful and thick hair, then rice water can be very beneficial for you. In fact, the amount of essential ingredients for starch and hair in washed rice water is the number of essential elements. These elements help to polish hair, strengthen them and increase them. Let’s tell you how rice water can make your hair beautiful and in what problems it can use.

If hair breaks more

If your hair falls too much or breaks, massage your hair with rice water so that the strength of your hair remains strong. Many times the hair becomes very weak and easily broken. This is due to the lack of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. To give more nutrition to the hair, mix the essential oils such as Rosemary, Lavender or Tea Tree in this bowl.

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If the hair has become stale and lifeless

Often, dust or soil shampoos or chemicals use oil, hair becomes stale and lifeless and their brightness goes away. If you have this hair problem, then massage the scalp with light hands with rice water after a shampoo. Leave it like this for five minutes and then wash the hair with ordinary water.

Dandruff’s problem will be far

If you are worried about the problem of dandruff in hair, then the rice bowl will be beneficial for you in this problem too. To remove the Russian from hair, add a little shikakai powder in the rice bowl and apply it in the hair. After a while, wash the hair with clean water, the Russian will turn away. If there is a problem of itching due to dust soils, boil the small onion with coconut oil and put it in the hair. Then wash the hair with a mixture of gram flour and boiled rice.

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Make the hair soft

The shampoo is used to clean hair and make it silky soft. But due to harmful chemicals, its use weakens the hair. Rice water is also a unique shampoo. Wash your hair with this mixture, add amla or grocer or orange peel in it. This is not the only shampoo but also works as a conditioner. Rice water not only strengthens your hair but also works to bring shine in your hair.

Make your hair beautiful

If you have to bring shine in your hair, then rice water is your big job. For this, prepare the rice milk by grinding rice with water. Now take 1 cup of rice milk and add 2-3 tablespoons, honey. After mixing well with the spoon, apply this mixture on hair, scalp and hair end. Leave for 5 to 20 minutes and then wash it with normal water. Then see the magical effect on your hair.

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