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These are the most expensive actresses of television, number 1 takes the most fees

There are many child actors in the Indian film or television industry. Well, if you tell the truth, this is the future of Indian cinema. Keeping this in mind, today we will tell you about the most expensive child actresses of television. Let's see.

5- Reim Shaikh:

These are the most expensive actresses of television, number 1 takes the most fees
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This television actress has done several popular TV shows. At present, this super hit show 'Tujhse Hai Rabta' is doing. She is 17 years old and today he takes a fee of 25 thousand rupees for doing an episode.

4- Avneet Kaur:

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Child artist Avneet Kaur is only 17 years old. Now Avneet 'Aladin - naam toh suna hoga' is working in the serial. Avneet is charging 30 thousand rupees.

3- Zannat Zubair:

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At a very young age, she had stepped into the television industry. At present, her age is only 16 years. After the serial 'Yeh Aashiqui' it is serialising 'Aap ke aa jane se'. Their fees are 40 thousand rupees.

2- Anushka Sen:

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Balveer Fame Anushka Sen is currently working in the ' Jhansi ki rani' serial. Saying Anushka Sen's age is 16 years. Anuskha Sen takes 48 thousand rupees for every episode due to overworking work.

1- Aditi Bhatia:

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Child actress Aditi also works in films such as 'Marriage, Chance, Dance, The Train' as a child artist and also in serial 'Ye Hai Mohobatti'. It has been 19 years old and charges 50 thousand rupees for each episode.

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4 avineet kaur is d best

1 Years ago


how do you know how much they charge? Can u share some official charts

1 Years ago


don't glorify them by calling them child artist, they are child labour

12 Months ago

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