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These are the 3 most powerful weapons in history

Friends, many powerful weapons were used in ancient times which were very powerful as well as very deadly. It is very difficult to manufacture these weapons today, today we will tell you about three such weapons which are difficult to make in the present time.

Death Ray

These are the 3 most powerful weapons in history
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Friends, Nikolas Tesla invented the Death Ray, a powerful weapon that could destroy the largest aircraft from a distance of 150 miles. Death Ray used to emit a special type of radiation, which exposed any object it came in contact with.

Greek fire

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Friends In ancient times, the Egyptian army used a special type of weapon. The Greek army used to fire a special liquid through a tube and throw it towards the enemies, causing a lot of damage to the enemy army. At present it is very difficult to manufacture this liquid.

Arrow and bow

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Friends, the arrow bow was used during the Mahabharata, whose aim was accurate. The arrows carried by these bows always seemed to go on their target, but in present times it is considered impossible to produce such arrows.

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Funky Pandey

1. Nikola Tesla only claimed the invention of Death Ray 2. In modern times its called a flamethrower. 3. Mahabharata is a part of hindu mythology not history.

27 Days ago


You Forgot the Biggest Deadly Weapon that has been Present in all Ages..... .............WOMEN.............. Lethal but Deadly

25 Days ago


you know what the most powerful weapon created in all history ..... is the one that is created now on this era..... Android phones, Facebook, Twitter...... and PUBG..... man they totally destroy my LIFE

25 Days ago

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