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These 7 Major Differences Between North Korea And South Korea Will Surprise You

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There are many countries in the world. Each country has its own culture and rituals. Although North Korea and South Korea are neighboring countries. They have a big difference in their cultures and rituals. North Korea is under a diplomatic ruler, where Kim Jong Yun has established his kingdom and he rules over that nation. While there is democracy in South Korea.

Let's get information about major differences in North Korea and South Korea:

7. Women and the Army

These 7 Major Differences Between North Korea And South Korea Will Surprise You
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In North Korea, every woman is asked to join the army and serve the country, while in South Korea only men are allowed to serve, but women are also given the choice to choose their profession in army as well. This law was implemented in North Korea in 2015.

6. People's height

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The north Korean people are 1.2-1.3 inches shorter than people of south Korea. This differences has been observed in many children and adults. People have stated genetics the cause of their short height but actually it is due to the food they eat.

5. Makeup

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When South Korea was becoming a leading country in cosmetic production, North Korean women were also trying to produce basic cosmetic products. North Korean women do not even know how many varieties of make-up accessories are available in the world. North Koreans have to buy it for hundreds of dollars.

4. Poverty

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North Korea thinks of being the best, but in fact, 90% of people in North Korea are below the poverty line. Whereas only 15% of people in South Korea live below the poverty line. Although North Korea has highlighted free medical check-up, but there is hardly any person who can not afford the most expensive medicines for treatment.

3. Religious Freedom

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In North Korea, citizens are forced to consider their king as God. They are asked to dedicate themselves to him and complete his will. Whenever anyone insults him, he is arrested. According to the constitution of the state of South Korea, there is freedom of speech and freedom of the press to the people.

2. Holidays

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North Korean people celebrate very few holidays as compared to South Korea. They have a certain amount of vacations, such as the release date of August 15 and Kim Jong Yun's birthday as a national holiday. However, the number of South Korean vacations is high.

01. Fashion

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In terms of fashion and trends, North Koreans are far from the South Korean people. Under what circumstances they are forced to wear bruises in North Korea, which is the picture of Kim Jong Yun.

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