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These 6 pictures will tell you that no one is bigger than nature

Hello friends, how are you all welcoming me once again on this channel.

Friends, today we have brought some such pictures which, seeing you, you will say that our nature is very great. So let's see them.

These 6 pictures will tell you that no one is bigger than nature
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1) It is very common to see such views in fields in many states of India. It is a type of melon, although its taste is very different from the common melon.

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2) Have you ever seen a chili field? Even if everyone is not able to eat chilli comfortably, but seeing this view, no one will be crazy.

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3) It is very easy to see such a sight in guava orchards, you just have to go to such a garden, which will make your mouth water.

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4) Many of you may consider it as a watermelon, but it is a type of fruit. Which is called Foot in some areas of Uttar Pradesh. Please tell us in the comment what you call it.

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5) If these Bhutto is called the gold of nature, then there will be nothing wrong in it. The view of maize fields is therefore very spectacular.

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6) This view is very common in Punjab state of India. Also in many areas of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, chilli production is quite good.

Friends, we hope that you must have liked this, then you must like it and share it, as well as tell your comments in the comment box, thank you.

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nope not nature bro it's called Genetic manipulation.These are hybrids

21 Days ago


i have seen all these in my farm except first one...Always Nature is beautiful

20 Days ago

Robby the robot

Which Bhutto....Zulfikar,Benazir or Bilawal???😁😁😁😁

10 Days ago

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