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These 5 villages of India are famous all over the world, Let's know about it!

Our India is full of diversities There are many such villages in India which are famous in the world. Today we are going to tell you 5 such villages which people of the world come to visit, so let's start. 

5- Malana Village 

These 5 villages of India are famous all over the world, Let's know about it!
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There is a village located in the most inaccessible area of ​​Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, which is named "Malana" . You can also call it the most mysterious village in India. If anything is touched in this village, you will have to pay a fine of 1000 rupees. It is believed that the descendants of Alexander's soldiers and there is no Indian law here. It has its own parliament which makes all decisions. Malana is the only village in India where the Mughal emperor Ak God is worshiped it is very beautiful to see the village.

4- Mattur Village

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A village where everyone speaks Sanskrit, in our times, the national language of our country is also struggling with an identity crisis, but it is a village located a short distance from the town of Shivamogga in Karnataka, where the villagers speak only Sanskrit. The name of this village is "Mattur" , which is situated on the banks of Tum Tung River. Sanskrit is spoken in this village since ancient times. No religion and society has any right over the language. Only then do people from the Muslim family living in the village speak Sanskrit as easily as others. 

3- Kodinhi Village

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The village of Kodinhi , also known as the village of twin , located in Mallapuram district of Kerala, currently houses about 350 children, including newborns to 65 years of age, with four twins born globally. In Asia it is less than the average but in Kodini village, 45 twins are born in thousands Kodini village is a Muslim dominated area where you have twins in the streets. Children will be seen 

2- Dhokra Village

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In this mean world, everything has started getting money, even things like water have started being sold, there is also a village where people never sell milk made but distribute this unique village in Gujarat. There is a "Dhokra" village in this village. The tradition of not selling milk in this village has been going on for centuries, in the village, those who do not have cow or buffalo are distributed milk for free everyday. People say that they get about 8000 rupees milk free every month.

1- Shani Singnapur 

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A village where Rama still operates "Shani Singanapur" in Nevasa taluka of Ahmednagar district in the state of Maharashtra is a village in India where there is not a single door in people's homes, even in people's shops. Here no one keeps their valuable things locked with keys, yet no theft has ever been done in the village till date, this place is also famous for the Shani temple. Remains pleased Shani in the village that recognizes people and if someone has stolen the village it will have to face the wrath of Saturn's why this village is also known by the name of Ram Rajya village.

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