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These 5 famous stars of the world adopted Islam religion, number 1 is afraid of the world

Friends, there is no need to tell anyone that Islam is the second largest religion in the world, the highest number of believers of Christianity in the world, and the second is people who believe in the religion of Islam, and Islam is associated with religion People are present in every country of the world, and Islam religion is growing very fast, and seeing the speed with which Islam is spreading all over the world, it would not be wrong to say that Six years later, could become the religion of Islam to the world. Today we are going to tell you about 5 such famous stars of the world who are known all over the world, who used to belong to another religion, but later they converted to Islam and became Muslims.

These 5 famous stars of the world adopted Islam religion, number 1 is afraid of the world
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5. Boxing champion and Olympic medalist Mohammed Ali was born in a Christian faith house, Mohammed Ali was known as Cassius Clay before he converted to Islam, but at the age of 20 i.e. in 1962 Mohammed Ali Had accepted the religion of Islam, and had become so in love with the religion of Islam that they used to offer prayers for five times every day.

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4. You must have heard the name of Mike Tyson, in terms of boxing, Mike Tyson is very fast and agile, and in boxing Mike Tyson has defeated many great legends, Mike Tyson is known all over the world. Let's tell you that Mike Tyson also belonged to Christianity, but later converted to Islam, and in 2010 Mike Tyson also went to Hajj in Mecca Medina from where he Some photos also went viral.

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3. If a singer has the highest heights in India, it is AR Rahman, AR Rahman is one of the singers in India who sings the best songs in languages ​​like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, but knowing this Surprisingly, AR Rahman had converted to Islam, and AR Rahman belonged to Hinduism before the religion of Islam, and was named Dilip Kumar at that time, but after converting to Islam, Dili Kumar had put his name Allah Rahman aka AR Rahman.

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2. Michael Jackson is not known to have any identity, Michael Jackson 1 is a name that is known all over the world, Michael Jackson had expertise in singing and dancing, Michael Jackson also belonged to a Christian religion, but later He had converted to Islam, Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, after the death of Michael Jackson, his daughter also converted to Islam.

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1. Undertaker, who is called the greatest king of the world of wrestling, is named after everyone, The Undertaker is a wrestler who has received a lot of love from the people, and the great legend of the wrestling world, Ring from the Undertaker Afraid to fight inside, fear tell you that the Undertaker also belonged to Christianity, but in the year 2004, Undertaker had converted to Islam.

Friends, this is five such famous stars of the world, who are known all over the world, but who is your favorite among these 5 stars, please tell us your opinion in the comment box below, if you liked this article then like it Do, and do not forget to share it with your friends.

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American astronaut Neil Armstrong was also converted to Islam and the list is very long. One day Islam will dominate this world. Ya Allah make this world free of kafirs

28 Days ago


Many Claps for the Author , No 1 is afraid of the world waah waah killer english bhai

29 Days ago


islam is the greatest religion in the world

28 Days ago

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