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These 5 actors of the world can win Oscars this year, also include an Indian actor

Friends, today we will tell you about the 5 actors who can win the Oscars this year. So let's see.

These 5 actors of the world can win Oscars this year, also include an Indian actor
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5. Brad Pitt: 55-years-old Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was seen acting in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Ad Astra this year. He has done a very strong acting in the science fiction film Ad Astra, for which he can get an Oscar.

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4. Taron Egerton - Robin Hood Fame 29-year-old actor Taron Egerton has done amazing work in the musical drama film 'Rocket Man' this year. Because of this, this film has proved to be a big hit at the box office. Taron Egerton may receive an Oscar for 'Rocket Man'.

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3. Leonardo DiCaprio - Titanic fame actor Leonardo DiCaprio was seen playing the character of Rick Delton in the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Leonardo DiCaprio's performance was of high level like every time.

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2. Ranveer Singh - Indian actor Ranveer Singh is also included in this list. Ranveer Singh gave a very strong performance in the film Gully Boy released this year. He played the role of Murad Ahmed in this film, who goes on to become a big star by struggling.

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1. Walkin Phoenix - This year Walkin Phoenix seems to be the biggest contender for the Oscars as his acting is being appreciated worldwide. We are talking about DC Universe Joker, in which Walkin Phoenix has given a very good performance. Although this character is wrong on screen, but people who like acting are praising Walkin Phoenix.

Friends, which one can win the Oscar this year. Kindly tell us in the comment box below. if you like our information, then please like and share. Do not forget to follow us for similar posts.

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Walkin 🤘🏻🤣🤣👊🏼. It's Joaquin 😎

12 Days ago


walking pheonix?lol I thought he was standing pheonix

11 Days ago


even if gully boy gets nominated to the final list (which is not gonna happen) ranveer singh would not get nominated as gully boy is not an american movie.

11 Days ago

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