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These 5 Bollywood actors look the most stylish in long hair, No. 4 is everyone's favorite

Actors in Bollywood industry are seen in new looks every day. Fans keep copying and copying his new style. Some such actors are also very much liked in long hairstyle. Today we will tell you about the long hair of some such actors.

These 5 Bollywood actors look the most stylish in long hair, No. 4 is everyone's favorite
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1. Mithun Chakraborty

It is an actor who has received the National Film Award of India. Mithun is a legend film actor, social activist, Ughmi and member of Rajya Sabha. Mithun started his career with art film Mrigaya. Mithun appeared in long hair in many films. People liked him a lot in long hair.

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2. Sanjay Dutt:

Sanjay Dutt is an Indian actor and filmmaker. He is known for his work in Hindi cinema. Sanjay Dutt made his Bollywood debut with Rocky (1982). He appeared in long hairstyle in most of his films. Is People liked this hairstyle very much.

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3. John Abraham:

He is one of the most handsome actors of Bollywood. Actors who are very much liked for modeling. John Abraham looks very smart. John Abraham started his career in Bollywood with a photoshoot, and in today's time he is one of the most famous actors. People like his movie very much. In a very short time, it has created a lot of space in people's hearts.

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4. Hrithik Roshan:

They come at the top of the list of world's most handsome actors. Apart from Hrithik Roshan India, there are other countries. Hrithik Roshan appeared in 'krrish, guzarish, dhoom' movies in his long hairstyle. People liked that hairstyle very much. He is very much liked in every look.

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5. Salman Khan:

Superstar Salman is an actor whom everyone loves. He has done 119 films in Bollywood. People like them in every look. In Salman's film Tere Naam, he kept a long hairstyle, which he was very fond of. People had copied this look a lot.

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Hrithik is looking aweosme😍😍

8 Months ago


Abe hair style ki baat ho ya style ki hrithik the greek god of bollywood and the most handsome man itna kehna hi kafi hai.. Hrithik se baki sab badi door hain.. World most handsome man ka matlab har chij me best looks ka matkab hairstyle bhi.. Wo bhi world plateform pe hrithik ek baar nhi kai baar top pe raha hai to please ye bollywood ke baki stars ko hrithik se door Hi rakkho kisi bhi style ke maamle me..

8 Months ago


mithun daa ko kisne daaldiya isme vo koi hair style nhi hai thk se dekho cutting nhi hui hai baalo ki saaf dikhrha hai

8 Months ago

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