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These 3 Pakistani players married with Indian women, you also see.

Friends, all of you welcome this post as you know that there are many experienced batsmen in Pakistan cricket team, today we are going to tell you about the three players who have married Indian women.

3. Mohsin

These 3 Pakistani players married with Indian women, you also see.
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Let us tell you that former Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan loves Indian Bollywood, after which he married actress Reena Roy. For your information, let's tell that Mohsin Khan was a big fan of Reena Roy and he loved them very much.

2. Imran Tahir

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You know Imran Tahir, he plays with South Africa cricket team but he is basically a Pakistani resident. For your information, please tell that they also got married to an Indian woman named Somya.

1. Shoaib Malik

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Shoaib Malik is a great player of Pakistan's cricket team. Shoaib Malik married Indian tennis player Sania Mirza in 2010. After that many had to be victims of criticism.

Should women be allowed to marry a Pakistani man or do not give their answer.

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My wife is also pakistani

4 Months ago


If any girl marries to Pakistan She along with her family should be banished

4 Months ago


imran tahir plays for south africa you fool

4 Months ago

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